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In Australia, there are a number of Labrador clubs or associations, and in various States.

Examples of Australian Labrador breeders associations

For example, here are a few Australian Labrador breeders associations or clubs:

Most experienced and registered Australian Labrador breeders are not members of these associations or clubs. However many are members of the relevant State purebred dog breeders associations, such as Dogs NSW in the State of New South Wales.

To clarify, to be a registered breeder, you join a State purebred dog association, such as Dogs NSW, and comply with their standards, policies, etc.

There are also various associations or clubs that relate to many different dog breeds such as Labradors. These associations or clubs are not compulsory to join. Hence, their standards, policies, etc. are not mandatory for Labrador breeders.

If you are looking to getting a Labrador puppy then I would suggest that you consider getting a puppy from a Labrador breeder that is a member of their State purebred dog association (e.g. Dogs NSW) as these have specific requirements or standards that their members are to comply with. Whereas the various optional Labrador associations may not be operated and/or managed in the same manner and/or as stringent etc.

For example, I have personally known of an official of an Australian Labrador breeders association that has continued to breed puppies from a dog with hip scores as high as 32 and also not EIC clear.

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