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Australian Labrador breeders - Truebred Labradors

Australian Labrador breeders located in NSW on the Mid North Coast, breeding premier quality Labrador puppies from champion bloodlines. Registered breeder with Dogs NSW, number 2000923650.

Also, I have noticed that some people search for an Australian Labrador Breeders Association which, to the best of my knowledge, does not exist at this time. Most reputable Labrador breeders are registered members of their respective State dog breeders association.

Here is a short youtube video showcasing a few of our Labrador puppies:


Whilst there are no doubt numerous Australian Labrador breeders available, it is suggested that careful selection be made of the breeders that you may intend to obtain a Labrador puppy from.

Registered breeders generally are required to meet standards that unregistered breeders are not.

Associations for Australian Labrador breeders

In Australia, registered breeders can be registered with a State organisation relevant to them.   For example, in NSW, the organisation is known as Dogs NSW.

Below is a list of the various State organisations that dog breeders can register with:

The above State organisations are members of the national organisation, Australian National Kennel Council.   This national organisation has a range of functions.

Please be aware that not all registered Australian Labrador breeders implement the same breeding and/or management practices.   For example, some breeders (such as some located on small residential properties) and that want to 'keep' many dogs for breeding, actually have a number of their breeding dogs housed or located with other people at locations other than the breeder’s property.   Often, these breeder’s dogs are only 'kept' with the registered breeder when they are whelping (having puppies).    I will leave it for you to make your own assessment or decision about the suitability or preference of these types of breeding practices.

Just in case you are wondering, we do not allow ANY of our breeding dogs to kept anywhere else except with us on our acreage property.   So that we can ensure they are receiving the level of care and attention that we believe they should be receiving.

Please also note that some Australian Labrador breeders also operate dog boarding etc at the same facility where they breed their Labrador puppies. I feel that there is an increased risk to these puppies of exposure to the various dogs being brought to the boarding facility.

Australian Labrador breeders
Australian Labrador breeders

Here's a short puppy video:

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Australian Labrador breeders

Australian Labrador breeders located on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. Check out for more cute and adorable pictures and i...