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Labs with light coloured noses - sunburn and cancer risks?

There are some Labrador Retrievers that seem to have little to no pigmentation such as in the nose, around their eyes, etc. Some of these are known as Dudley Labradors.

It is reported by different sources that Dudley Labradors:

  • "suffer from sunburn on their noses";
  • "has the tendency to sunburn easily"; and
  • "have no pigmentation in their nose, they can suffer from sunburn on their noses".

It is also reported that "While a black or brown nose is safe, a pink nose will burn and may blister if the sun damage is severe. Pink noses are accordingly more at risk for the development of cancer.".

Also, depending on where you live, the risk of sunburn to Dudley Labradors may be increased.

Because of the increased risk from sunburn, Dudley Labradors also reportedly have a higher risk of cancer.

High-risk category

So, what dogs are in a high-risk category' They are "dogs with pale or pink extremities (ears, nose, eyes, feet)".


So, how do we help protect them? Well, some reports indicate that human sunscreen is not recommended for use on dogs, due to their ingredients. One sunscreen that I have found that is made especially for animals is Filta-Bac, and is available at various stockists, including eBay. It may also be advisable to talk to your local Vet about what they recommend.

Obviously, one of the best protections is to also provide plenty of shade for the dog, especially during the peak UV periods, and try to keep them out of the sun during those periods.

Dudley Labradors are purebred dogs, and can still be great pets or companions.

In case you are wondering, none of my adult Labradors are Dudley, and nor have I bred any.

More info

If you would like to learn more about this topic, I have included some references below. You could also search online for "dudley labradors".

Labrador Retriever with little pigmentation - a Dudley
Labrador Retriever with little pigmentation - a Dudley


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