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Puppy Culture breeders Australia

Puppy Culture breeders Australia

There seems to be developing another puppy training or socialization scheme or system and which has now spread to Australia, this one known as "Puppy Culture".

A few breeders in Australia seem to be interested in Puppy Culture, however it does not seem to be widely accepted or endorsed.

I have perused some of their resources etc, and I am not totally convinced I agree 100% with at least some of their ideas and/or methods, especially for the very young pups.

It also concerns me that while only a few breeders at this time in Australia seem to be advertising that they use Puppy Culture with their puppies, there seems to be limited opportunity to be able to confirm that this is actually occurring? That is, are they ACTUALLY using it? Or are they using it as an advertising opportunity or fad?

Having seen many different dogs and puppies and at many different breeders, I certainly support the idea or concept of providing adequate training, socialization, etc of all dogs. Especially as I believe that this is an important part of helping the dogs develop and mature into ones that their owners are happy to be around and to have as part of their family. No doubt, there are numerous benefits for the dogs also.

Here are a few examples of resources available for Puppy Culture:

Thanks for reading my brief article about Puppy Culture breeders Australia, which I hope was of interest or assistance.

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