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Labrador puppy videos - Truebred Labradors

Here are a few short videos of some of our previous Labrador puppies:

We hope you enjoy these.

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Top Labrador breeders 0432665881

Top Labrador breeders 0432665881 Truebred Labradors. These Labrador puppies are five weeks of age. . Please subscribe! :D #truebr...

Dog breeders NSW 0432665881

Dog breeders NSW 0432665881 Labradors #truebredlabradors #truebred #labradors

Truebred Labradors puppies born September 2015

Truebred Labradors puppies born September 2015. These puppies are only two weeks of age. This video was shot under artificial light.

Chocolate Labradors! Some of their differences!

Research has been undertaken about Labrador Retrievers traits etc. The subsequent report, Management and Personality in Labrador Retriever dogs, outlines varying traits or characteristics of the dif...