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What size Kong for Labradors?

Question: What size Kong for Labradors?

Answer: There is no one-size-fits-all for Kongs as there are so many different types of Kongs. For adult Labradors we use the hard black Kong Extreme as these are meant to be the toughest and Labradors are good chewers!

While Kong have a range of different products, and some may be suitable for young puppies, as Labradors are such extreme chewers we feel that only the black kongs most suitable. Except for the Wobbler (which is red) and has been indestructible (so far)!

If you click on the images, it will take you to the eBay listings for those items to pick up a bargain.

The black Kong Extreme (which is the hardest) are ideal for adult Labradors:

black Kong
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The Wobbler Kong which treats or food can be placed inside:

red Kong for food
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red Kong for food in open position
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The Kong Dental stick:

Kong dental example
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The Kong ball:

Kong ball example
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